SURPRISE this is the best set of speakers My spouse and i have EVER owned for less than 100. 00! I have been into car music for over more than 20 years and I have owned nearly everything away there either on my own or through whatever shop I was working for previously or another... Here's something to take into account though... these speakers have recurring crossovers.. which I got apart and checked away and are really nice for the money and still have high quality caps and also no resettable signal breaker which I have experienced during the past as a pain in the bootie! eventually they give up and your tweeters will start up all the time.. We were going to get rid of them if it had them and gladly they are not there.

Anyway... the crossovers are seriously ability hungry so don't plan on using these audio system without some power to push them. I'm by using a 190 watt per route tube/ mosfet hybrid which is one of the original hand assembled ones made by US amplifiers in older days.. and it sounds so nice... I'm driving it with my new Kenwood KDC-X896 Excelon head unit that we also bought here. I am going to buy another set of these for the backside of my truck and run them in series with the set I actually already bought and weight my amp right down to 2 ohms per channel to compensate for the being hungry of the crossovers... but are clean and they seem to be in order to handle the punishment I give them with no problem.. and I enjoy it LOUD!!!